With 50-plus years of experience in the industry, the Group has many specialists who can give advice on materials, treatments and surface engineering, preferably at the design stage.

Wallwork Heat Treatment Birmingham Ltd are a Made in the Midlands Silver Member

About us

Wallwork Heat Treatment Ltd. was founded by Robert Wallwork in 1959, after years of gradual expansion the Company moved to the present head office in Lord Street, Bury in 1979. Further expansion has since taken place including the setting up of Wallwork Cast Alloys in 1986, Wallwork Heat Treatment (Birmingham) Ltd. in 1989, the acquisition Wallwork Cambridge Ltd. in Cambridge in 1997, and the acquisiton of Wallwork Newcastle Ltd in 2017. 

The Group employs approximately 300 people offering a comprehensive heat treatment & hard coating service to the manufacturing industry. Sites are open 24 hours per day, 7 days per week and operate a fleet of 40+ commercial vehicles offering a reliable transport service in most areas during the week.

In recent years the group has invested extensively in new equipment and training in order to offer a high quality, competitive service to the aerospace, motorsport and medical industries

Wallwork Cast Alloys was originally setup to provide the group with Nickel-Chromium jigs & fixtures for use in high temperature furnaces, it now finds itself supplying these components to the industry all over the world.

The Cambridge site manufactures high vacuum equipment with a specialty in bespoke machines for vacuum coating, medical and research & development applications.

The extensive research and development department at the Cambridge site offers facilities for coating development and failure analysis using the latest techniques and equipment available.

Wallwork Heat Treatment Birmingham offers a comprehensive heat treatment service.

We Specialise in the heat treatment of Tooling, prototypes and small batch work, but we also treat high volume production work with just the same amount of care. Wallwork Birmingham is currently both ISO9001:2008 & AS9100C accredited.

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Services Wallwork Heat Treatment Birmingham Ltd Provide


Aerospace Heat Treatment

Both Wallwork Heat Treatment Manchester and Cambridge operate a 24/7 fully integrated process house that between them encompasses a comprehensive list of aerospace approved thermal treatments.

Vacuum Brazing

Vacuum Brazing is a joining process which can offer significant advantages in terms of cleanliness, joint strength and integrity. The process is performed under vacuum with excellent temperature uniformity.

Commercial Coatings (PVD)

Using PVD coatings on metal components and tools is becoming increasingly popular and necessary, as these items are required to perform tasks that are beyond the capabilities of the base metal.

Company Statistics


  • August 2016
  • 250
  • 1959
  • £18,000,000

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Sydenham Rd, Smallheath, Birmingham, B11 1DQ
Tel: 0121 628 2552